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July 29, 2017
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They are characterized by their sharp smell for blood and a floating fin that seems to appear out of nowhere on the water’s surface. The fin suddenly appears, then goes under, and a minute later, the water turns crimson red. Then there are the teeth, sharp, unforgiving and seemingly all canines. I cannot confidently confirm that the details above are true, but don’t worry, it is Shark Week and it is time to find out.

On 17 July 1988, we had the premiere of the first shark week, which involved shark-based programming for a whole week. It was originally aimed to educate the masses about sharks and throw out the misconceptions people had, while at the same time taking part in the conservation of the carnivore.

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2017 Shark Week

During the whole period this week, Discovery Channel will be filled with fins and teeth. If you are blue when it comes to sharks, the list below is composed of a number of shark facts that will increase your knowledge:

Sharks have no bones

Characterized as one of the deadliest carnivores, it should be interesting to note that sharks don’t have bones. Their skeletal structure is composed of cartilage, and this makes the light and flexible, hence easing their swimming.

They are ancient

Did you know that sharks evolved over 400 million years ago? Sharks have lived through the age of dinosaurs, and many more extinct and unknown species of animals and plants.

Female sharks can give birth without a male shark

Did you think that only human beings can be feminists? Female sharks are the ultimate feminist, given that through parthenogenesis, they can give birth without the help of a male shark.

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Happy Shark Week folks!

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